Now the new brass ensemble hit Stürmische See by Ralf Christoph Kaiser

By Ralf Christoph Kaiser

Jetzt neu der Brass Ensemble Hit Stürmische See by Ralf Christoph Kaiser

Dear friends of the music and art of Ralf Christoph Kaiser, in the last few weeks I have been working harder on various brass ensemble pieces, which I now want to publish here one by one. I start with this piece: "Stormy Seas" in C-Minor. It's a very intense piece that comes across as poignant and powerful. Everything is there, hope and love, tension and drama, adventure and lust. You get this piece here with full score and parts for brass music. The party can include: tuba, trumpet notated in C, trombone, horn in F, violoncello and violins and double bass. Since chords often appear in the notes, you can bring each instrument almost 3 times and everyone takes on a different voice. Overall, the piece can be performed well with around 7-10 musicians. With this piece you will cause great astonishment in the audience, because it has such force and depth that no one can escape it. If you then interpret the notes a little more freely from the playing style, i.e. with fringing like a little crescendo in some places and swell and so on, then it becomes particularly impressive.
I'm happy to present this piece to you today and thank you for your support!
If you still need something of other parts, please contact me.
Best regards
Ralf Christoph Kaiser

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