Re-release of the CD Going for a Walk in the Ralf Christoph Kaiser Store as a free download

By Ralf Kaiser

Wiederveröffentlichung der CD Going for a Walk im Ralf Christoph Kaiser Store als free Download

dear friends of the music by Ralf Christoph Kaiser and kaiser musix and kaiser klassix, tonight i give to you the CD Going for a Walk for free download. This classical crossover CD is astonishing.

I wish you some fun with it!

Sincerely Yours

Ralf Christoph Kaiser

Dear friends of the music of Ralf Christoph Kaiser and Kaiser Musix and Kaiser Klassix, tonight I will publish the CD Going for a Walk as a free download in a new edition. In addition to the 11 songs on the CD you will receive a bonus track: "Minicos" I hope you enjoy the songs.

The CD sounds partly like the soundtrack from an action film.

In addition to the classic orchestral instruments, I also used some electronica instruments in the songs to achieve certain effects.

I hope you enjoy the CD.

Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser