The dwarf treasure of auditory advent calendars now also available for download from the store

By Ralf Kaiser

Der Schatz der Zwerge auditiver Adventskalender jetzt auch als Download im Store

Dear friends of the music of Ralf Christoph Kaiser, the treasure of the dwarf advent calendar is now also available as sheet music and as a music download here in the store. In the last few weeks I have overworked over half of the doors and the music in them with better quality of the classical orchestral recordings.

This package 4 is the orchestra master complete package, so to speak. Here are all the notes and also the HD version of the advent calendar with only music from the new 2019 versions and the mp3 version of everything with speech. Also the cover and the illustration of the 4 dwarfs.

Attention: This package 4 has more than 4.3 GB file size in the download!

There will be a total of 6 packages that I will release gradually over the next few days.

Here is an overview of the packages that are planned:

Package 1: all mp3's with language for 4.99 euros

Package 2: all Ultra HD versions with language for 48.66 euros

Package 3: all 2019 versions only music in Ultra HD for 32.88 euros

Package 4: Full Score and Parts and HD Sound for 600.87 euros

Package 5: all 2019 versions only music as mp3 for 16.33 euros

Package 6: all notes and mp3s for 60.55 euros

I recommend large orchestras who want to perform this work the package 4 Full Score and Parts because everything is included in complete and also the performance rights are compensated for at this price. In this case, in addition to the performance rights in Package 4, I would ask you to also purchase Package 6 for each musician who is participating in the performance. If you have any questions or special requests regarding individual instruments, please do not hesitate to contact me.

The grades bring a total playing time of over 2 hours, so an evening-filling program.

Unfortunately, a few voices on some doors are currently only available in Wav format, so you still have to hear these voices. These files are included with the respective notes in the 4 Full Score and Parts package.

In addition, there is always the cover photo and the picture of the 4 selected dwarfs on your trip. This illustration was made by Andreas Back.

I am very happy to present this revised version to you today.

Enjoy the Advenst calendar!


Ralf Christoph Kaiser