now available again on top the new Limoband CD

Limoband Live on Stage:Springtime chirps HD Sound Download with lyrics in international version

ingenious alternative rock music with everything that goes with it live session

Dear friends of Limoband, today you get the new one
Limoband Live on Stage CD "Spring is chirping" in HD Sound as
loosless Wav format including cover and lyrics in international

The following songs are included:


A beer in the evening to refresh yourself by Ralf Christoph Kaiser 03.03.2021for Limoband

A beer in the evening to refresh yourself

cashew nuts and such

I'm back

A nap with Sweet Dreams

It will be better than it seems

Like on the sofa only in the boat

I am with you in love



Spring is chirping by Ralf Christoph Kaiser April 21, 2021

for soda tape

Spring is chirping

The air is fresh and colourful

I announce my joy

There are good friends for that in this country

It feels like the Côte d'Azur

I eat an ice cream and smoke for it



The flowers smell by Ralf Christoph Kaiser for Limoband April 4th, 2020

The flowers are fragrant

We'd love to come back

I would like to go with you

And ask to see you again

We'll get along that well

In the end we will also stand by each other

The world is already set for it

The dog loves the cat instead of barking

We'll travel around the world

please fasten seat barks


The earth is alive by Ralf Christoph Kaiser 04/14/2021 for Limoband

The earth is alive

My soul in nature rises

Incarnate new birds

Build nests here

While the visitors stroll

I had a bite

could shell me out

Fewer and fewer will just grope in the dark

The bells ring, they strike 2 p.m

I love my life

Heal the cord

wind blows waves rushing

The leaves in the tree are bunching up

I wouldn't swap places with anyone today



By Ralf Christoph Kaiser for Limoband 01/10/2023

I am at home with great gratitude

The evening meal was like a buffet

in bed with you in the afternoon was nice

so nice and warm and cuddly

and thank you from the bottom of my heart!

So much love is possible again

so much delicate beauty present

I'm just eating and drinking

and take and give

As if it were forever

as if our fire was love

founded in eternity…

Thank you my dear…




Es wird Abend by Ralf Christoph Kaiser 05/19/2021 for Limoband

It is evening

The cuckoo is calling

The crow screeches

I beg for your love

I'm lucky again

Just so you know

Thank you and bon Mamon

I'm back




The lyrics in the songs deviate a bit from these original versions because we improvised at the concert Iive.


We wish you a lot of joy with the songs.

your sodas

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The hero's entry into the fortress is celebrated

new classical orchestral piece in A minor:"a ram sam sam"by Ralf Christoph Kaiser HD sound and sheet music

amazing bass, nice lyrical flute and trumpet. Awesome score music

Dear friends of the music and art of Ralf Christoph Kaiser, today
I would like to present you the new orchestral piece a ram sam sam in A minor
offer. It was created today in aLive Recording Session on Instagram. You can watch the creation here.

Playing in the piece: double bass, cello, horn in F, horn in Eb,
Trumpet in Bb, flute, harp and tuba, timpani and drum kit percussion.

The piece plays with the tempo 86 bpm.

The playing time is 2 minutes and about 20 seconds.

The bass plays very accentuated and the cellos play pizzicato.

The flute and the trumpet play quite lyrically and melodically and the
Percussion with the timpani and the snare drum almost plays march
music in character.

This piece could be played at carnival time or around the
to banish winter, or to summon the witches. In a fantasy
Movie could play it at the point when the hero is in position
brings and prepares for his next assignment. At the same time he rattles
bit with his gear to show off.

Alternatively, the play could be played when the hero's crew
the hallowed halls answered and they stride up the mountain and through
incorporate the castle gate into the fortress while the flag is waving and the
horns blowing a welcome flourish.

You get the sheet music for the piece including all parts and the HD sound file and an mp3 for your mobile phone including the cover.


Thank you for your support!


Best regards

Ralph Kaiser


PS: If you want to place special orders with order
Compositions for specific occasions or for a film as film music
then you are very welcome. Just a request please

I thank you!





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Hit single with an erotic touch

"The Earring"the new song by Ralf Christoph Kaiser now as a 32 bit 48 kHz wav file and as an mp3 for download here in the store with the lyrics as a PDF

A love song with alternative rock music

Dear friends of Ralf Christoph Kaiser's music, today I would like to
provide you with a new song from me for 2.49 euros. It is the
Song: "The Earring" played with electric guitar and drums and
Chimes and singing.

I'll print the vocals for you here. You can also download it as a PDF:


You give me sugar I give you chill

You love me butter I'll take you thrill

You come on the prowl I go on the dam

We throw ourselves into the tide and feel good

We emerge gasping for air

Swim back to shore

We acknowledged our better half in love

We lie next to each other on the beach

look at the stars and see the moon

Almost as bright as the sun

It's warm in the middle of summer

The salt on the skin tickles when we touch

It tingles everywhere

your wet hair over my face

I know that there is only once so come into me

You give me sugar I give you chill

You love me butter I'll take you thrill

You come on the prowl I'll go on the dam

We throw ourselves into the tide and feel good

We come up for air

Swim back to shore

We have acknowledged our better helped in love

Side by side we lie on the beach

We look at the stars and see the moon

Almost as bright as the sun

It is warm in the middle of summer

The salt on our skin tickles when we touch each other

It tickles everywhere

Your wet hair over my face

I know this only happens once so come inside me



Now I wish you a good time. The next summer will surely come ;-)


Thank you for your support!


Best regards

Ralph Kaiser



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very special sound with original audio sounds like a rocket

Moon and clouds film music from the video Flight with the rocket to the moon by Ralf Christoph Kaiser here are the sheet music and the video and the music in one fan package

suitable for brass band orchestra and brass ensemble or small chamber orchestra

Dear friends of the music and art of Ralf Christoph Kaiser, today
you get the sheet music for the piece: moon and clouds from the music video
Flight with the rocket to the moon music video moon and clouds by Ralf Christoph Kaiser 14 12 2022

The video was taken on a full moon night on Tuesday, May 25th
2021. It was very windy then, which made the lens shake a lot
while filming and the storm blew into the microphone. That's how it came
Sound like from a rocket engine. The video awakens him
Impression as if the viewer were heading with a rocket at night
moon and would be between 10 and 50 KM altitude on the
Flight into the stratosphere. The shake of the camera is the shake
the rocket. The crackling in the microphone is the engines and then it goes
the moon up above the clouds.

Here is a poem from the video: startup
The rocket flies to the moon
We already had the get well soon
Up and away and bye
We escape the Veriss
The great love of the future is
Yesterday's cheese sucks
The olive oil saves the frying pan
We give each other the pot at Christmas
Klim Bim
and bling bling
The billions are in

In the fan package you will receive all sheet music of all instruments that played:

1. Bass

2. Strings

3rd horns in F

4. Brass

5. Woodwinds

6. Drum kit

7. Timpani

There are also some transposed notes for alto wind instruments for baritone and for soprano.

In addition to the notes, you will receive the video in a mobile phone
suitable variant as mp4 and an HD sound file 32 bit 48 Khz Wav
file and an mp3 for your cell phone. Also the cover graphic from the

It's all a lot of fun. I also give you an audio track
of the rocket engine as FX. You can do that in the background and on
Play beginning and end if you want in the performances... that
must be fun... as an extra.

Have fun with the fan package.


Many greetings

Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser

PS: If you have success with the music, then please buy as a thank you
for each performance per stand one license here in the store or donate
an appropriate amount to:paypalme@kaisermusixThank you!




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The Christmas Orchestra 2022 with full sound and festive music

Christmas dinner with fish the new festival orchestra in C major by Ralf Christoph Kaiser with sheet music and in Ultra HD version

easy to play with wit and humor

Dear friends of the music and art of Ralf Christoph Kaiser, today
I would like to introduce you to the new festival orchestra with the song:
Christmas Dinner with Fish in C major.

It's almost become a little anthem. Produced today live on Instagram streaming as on TV.You can see the post here:

Here you can now get the finished product with ultra HD in the store
Sound file, mp3 and full orchestra lead sheet with all sheet music
and Parts.

The following instruments are included:

1st flute

2nd clarinet in Bb

3. Horn in F

4. Tenor trombone

5. Chimes

6. Violin live, played by me with a real violin, is included as an audio file in wav format

7. Cellos

8. Double bass


I would be very happy if you would perform this piece at a suitable opportunity.

I'll give you the piece for a nominal fee of 2.49 euros, yes
if you are successful with my music or things are good for you
have liked, I would be happy if you here something beyond that
could donate:Paypalme: @kaisermusix

Thank you for your support!

Best regards

Ralph Christopher Kaiser

PS The cover photo is from Weyo on Adobe and you can buy it here:


Have fun with the piece!

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a love song in the rain in New York

Rainsong Soundiron Creator Challenge 2022 with Ralf Christoph Kaiser now here are the sheet music for the video and a fan package with HD and mp3 versions

complete fan package with all individual tracks and notes and parts, you can start right away

Hello dear friends of the art and music of Ralf Christoph Kaiser,
Today is Rainsong Day with the Soundiron Creator Challenge where
I attended today.


You can see and share the results here:

Youtube rain song:

Tucano eCards Rainsong:

This is the instrument supported by this work of mine:

Here you can find the Soundiron instrument: Rainsong:

Here in the store you can now get the sheet music for the song and two
different versions of the song. A full version and a
Reduced variant with only the Soundiron instrument with two
traces of it and also the violin that I played.

The full version includes additional FX and the following instruments also play along:


1. Rainsong Voice 1 (by Soundiron)

2. Rainsong Voice 2 ( by Soundiron )

3rd violin played by me in real life (solo Wav audio file is included)

4. Dynamic Swell Synthesizer (by Logic Pro X)

5. Deep Ambient Stack Synthesizer (by Logic Pro X)

6. Xylophones (by Logic Pro X)

7. Horn in F Part (Forzo)


You get the fan package for 4.49 euros

The fan package also includes all individual tracks as audio files.


Maybe you can play the piece as an intro at a concert...


Have fun with it.


Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser


PS: If you perform the piece, please buy one version per console here as a license per performance. Thanks!


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Techno rock with 16th hi hat and soft bass

Techno Tock the new free sharing hit by fun combo with Ralf Christoph Kaiser Ultra HD version here in the store together with the cover and the mp3

high-contrast techno with a sugar-sweet flute voice

Dear friends of the art and music of Ralf Christoph Kaiser, today
you get the new electro song: Techno Tock by Fun Combo with Ralf
Christopher Kaiser.

Download the free sharing mp3 here.

In the store you get the Ultra HD version including the cover and
of the cover photo and the mp3 file as a complete package in a zip archive download
for 2.49 euros.

The song Techno Tock has a driving Techno beat with 16th notes Hi
Has a smooth bass and a haunting lead melody. From the middle
of the song the atmosphere in the song changes and everything thins out a bit
out to support a very nice clear flute voice that is above all
sounds and goes into the ear like a cream cake in the mouth. It turns out
an interesting combination of techno beat in electro style
and a real acoustic flute voice that sings along like an angel
coming down now before Christmas.


The cover was created during a light painting campaign. in came
several tricks to use. The camera was open for 15 seconds
we interacted with light. ISO 800, aperture 5.0 with a 12mm

In the download package, the cover photo is also available separately
without text included for fans and can be used as wallpaper on the phone
be used.

The Ulta HD sound file is bounced in 32 bit 192 kHz quality and is a great listening pleasure.

We thank you for your support!


Many greetings

Ralph Christopher Kaiser

If you had fun with the Free Sharing Songs, then buy
please also later the Ultra HD song here in the store or donate
an appropriate amount to this Paypal account:paypalme@kaisermusix
In this way we can ensure that Ralf's office and studio
Christoph Kaiser can continue to be preserved and there is always enough
gives to eat. Thank you!

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mega trap beat hit to dance to

Concencefactory blurp by Fun Comobo the new mega drap beat hit now as free sharing mp3 and to buy as Ultra HD version

The ultimate danceflore edm song in fantastic ultra hd quality 32 bit 192 kHz, buy it now!

Dear friends of the music and art of Ralf Christoph Kaiser, today
I would like to introduce you to a new song and share it with you:
Concencefactory blurp by fun combo. The song plays a mega
danceable trap beat for the big party. He lures you onto the dance floor and
She shakes her hair for you.

Here is the free sharing mp3 version

Here in the store you can buy the Ultra HD version for 2.49. I
promise you it's worth every penny because if your this version
Listening to a 5.1 surround system with 6 speakers, all feet tap
and the crowd goes wild.

So let's go...


Thank you for your support

Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser with the fun combo


PS: The cover is also part of the fun for a light painting photo campaign
Combo emerged with a few tricks that were used. the
Camera was open for 15 seconds at f/5, 12mm lens and 800 ISO.
In the download you will receive the photo as a cover and in the original
without text.


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The bite of the snake for the ears

Meta Phyton the new electronica song by Ralf Christoph Kaiser now available for free sharing and in HD

smooth, analog style, cuddly, cuddly course in the electro area

Dear friends of the music and art of Ralf Christoph Kaiser, today
you get the new electronica song here: "Meta Phyton" as free
sharing download and for 2.49 to buy the HD version.

I'm sure you all know that sometimes WhatsApp hurts
accepting some messages as if a python came out of a cell phone
shot and would bite briefly.

Here the free sharing mp3 file

There is now a suitable song for this: Meta Phyton. The highlight of that
Song is, it also bites the listener in the ear briefly in the middle and
enables immediate resuscitation. Overall, this one sounds
Song very supple and also a bit more delicate. He meanders like one
snake through the auditory coils. The analog lead is almost doing here
Fireplace room atmosphere...

So buy now in the legendary Ultra HD quality with 32 bit 192 kHz!


Thank you for your support!


Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser

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muscular orgasm on multiple pleats

Sniff the scent of love the new EDM hit by Ralf Christoph Kaiser as a free mp3 and to buy the HD version in the store

sensational auditory and emotional raptures guaranteed

Hi dear ones, now there is my new EDM hit: "The scent of love sniffing" by Ralf Christoph Kaiser & Friends.

The song was broadcast today during a live streaming broadcast on Instagram

Profile produced in front of the camera.

The following instruments were used in Logic Pro X via Midi Keyboard in addition to the beat:


1. Frozen Bass Waves

2. Modified Epic Hook Synth

3. Chip Tune Lead

The beat bangs properly and the electronic lead vibrates
Clitoris. Everything together brings an orgasmic mix of sounds that
plays on several plateaus.


Here the free sharing link of the mp3

Attached in the store you can buy the Ultra HD version for 2.49 in the resolution 32 bit 192 Khz.

The song lasts over 7 minutes and is perfect for a round of online sex...

I wish you much joy with it!


Many greetings


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audio book reading from the memoirs of ralf christoph kaiser

Reading from the memoirs of Ralf Christoph Kaiser by Ralf Christoph Kaiser as mp3 download

Really and authentically read live, with a few comments between inside and real emotions

Dear friends of the music and art of Ralf Christoph Kaiser, today
I would like to introduce you to a new project of mine. i have this one
Wrote summer on my memoirs and the first 12 chapters are
now out as an audio book.

You can listen here for free.

On the website you can click and listen to all 12 chapters.


If you feel like buying the whole audio book, you get it
now here in the store all 12 chapters as mp3s to download for 4.66 euros
including cover art.

I am very grateful for many of the experiences of my youth and I recall some of them in the memoirs.

I hope it encourages some of you to tell us about your own life
and to write and read memoirs myself. At the same time please
I ask for a respectful and discreet handling of the information
which I give here. I think it's sometimes right itself over
some things to talk about and your own perspective on some experiences and
Explaining events rather than letting others decide for you.
In addition, I tried to tell the things in particular
have been important for me and my self-image up to now
my personal development while being benevolent
Reflection on my life and work. I'm talking about in particular
the things that touched me. I'm for almost everything
Looking back, also very very grateful, so this reading from my
Memoirs also gave birth to the idea that I would be with me and my
reconcile childhood and youth.

Maybe that makes some other people happy here with mine
Being a part of life while listening to the reading. I tried everything like that
authentic as possible, according to how I myself
could just remember it and always have that during the reading
Spontaneously additional spoken word admitted to a greater authenticity
and enable emotionality.

An alternative cover graphic is also included in the download
a beautiful swan casting its reflection on the lake and
looks at himself.

The audio book has a playing time of over 100 minutes.


Thank you for your support
Ralph Christopher Kaiser



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brilliant new guitars great music

new crew new luck now with:B-Bobber and the song:"My little Cat Love"as a 32 bit 48 kHz loosless wav file

for fans of semi-acoustic guitars with levers and wah wah - an experimental feast for the ears

Dear friends of Ralf Christoph Kaiser's music, now there is one
new formation with the pseudonym: "B-Bobber" and this crew has now
the song: "My little Cat Love" for you to download here in 32 bit 48
Khz looseless wav format.

This is a brilliant song with a sensationally good new guitar sound
along with a powerful and melodic bass and a special one
Nine to eight beats rhythm. The guitar is a semi Accusitische
Guitar with pitch lever and the bass is a 6-side e-bass too
plays some nice melodies in the upper range and otherwise very low
going down

The "Formation" B-Bobber is now my current hope team at
where I feel at home. It sounds a bit jazzy and after
freestyle rock music. Some elements are also as special as in the
Music in the direction of bebop: Here is an excerpt from Wikipedia: "Essential
elements are largerrhythmic freedoms forDrums andbass, fasttempo and complexharmony-schemes. Composers of bebop often picked upexisting musical themes and harmony sequences return. The are also essential for bebopimprovisations on long formal routes.[1]"Look here:

This music by the "B-Bobbern" that you can buy here is one
Combination of several styles. It's classic electric guitars
Rock, combined with jazzy grooves, lots of freedom to improvise
and an experimental and melodic 6-string bass.

In some places you could think you are at Woodstock
with a stoned Jimmy Hendrix fan on stage who was half
acoustic guitar from the 50's played by Cliff Richard only
polarized to alternative in freestyle.

It is experimental music with many peculiarities and
Peculiarities that bring you into a state of presence
with a coffee in hand like after a long party the morning after.

This song is the second production of the team: B-Bobber with: "My little Cat Love"

Have fun with the song

Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser


As a taste you can download the first production of the B-Bobbers here for free:"If you could do more for less"



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new Version 3 of Drop the Line remastered complete fan pack by Ralf CHristoph kaiser

Drop the Line version 3 completely remastered fan package with midi data and all individual audio tracks and the version 3 file as 32 bit 44 Khz loosless Wav plus sheet music as PDF

amazing sound, special edition, for fans

Dear friends of Ralf Christoph Kaiser's music, today I would like to
offer you a new version of the "Drop the Line" song in version 3
remastered in higher resolution with 32 bit 44 kHz loosless
wav file.

I'll write a few more words about the story of the song.
The song was originally written and composed on July 31, 2016
and recorded and produced by me through channeling.
The song was originally released in October 2016 afterwards at
Spinup along with other songs in the Transformer EP. Spinup belonged
to Universal Music, but was designed for musicians who don't yet have one
Had a major label deal. The problem back then was that the EP was for the
publication cost about 19 euros and this amount every year
again became due for their business model independently of the
income that went through it.

After about 2 years I had releases with a total of approx.
80 works annual costs of about 600 euros to bear. The receipts that
passed on to me from the record label Spinnup were in at the time
two years just 80 euros. That means I had, so to speak
in addition to my work as a composer and musician and producer the
I invested a loss of about 560 a year for free
to pay euros.

That's why I wanted to change the record label from these
regular costs and made a take down at the end of 2018
of about 86 songs.

That was very tragic and painful because I had invested so much work without having any financial success.

I then went to and released some of the songs again but in a remastered version to be on the safe side legally.

The problem that arose after 2018 was that I gradually
after becoming aware of the scams in the music industry that end in 1000s
was committed by small artists and still continues to happen,
because the songs that are released there always need an ISRC
Code as a unique identifier for the work and an EAN code for the
Sale of the CD and a label code for the record label.

These codes are kindly provided cheaply by the provider
provided, but this is where the cheating and the almost happen
fraudulent deception of the customers, because instead of the 80% of the
Income that is promised is only a maximum of 1%, if at all, when
artist because all codes are registered through their company.

I found out very late that these codes are all
also independently of the plates company can buy on his
own name and his own company. I have that now
made some newer songs. This is of course extra work and
an administrative burden that you actually
actually usually from a record label wishes for that
these are involved. You can get the label code from GVL by
registers a recording publisher and the ISRC and EAN codes are available in the
Internet from various providers for a processing fee plus
Fees between 2 and 39 euros per code. EAN codes 39 euros and IRSC
Codes for 2 euros for example.

The problem I currently have is that my music
is quite popular and is also heard and also, for example, at TIK
TOK some songs already had 20,000,000 streams, but as long as GEMA
Score is as low as a no name artist because my music
has never been played physically on the radio or never in one
physical records store was available to buy and hit the charts and
also had no television broadcasts, so everything that the Old
Business music industry always had as conditions to be successful
Ratings allow as long as are from the streaming revenue
who come via facebook Youtbe and TIK TOK and Spotify etc could and
should, just these only with a very low evaluation weight
charged to GEMA and the piece of the cake is mini
small which is actually poured out and arrives with me. I
had for the more than 20,000,000 streams which the song "Wieder am Meer"
from kaiser-musix in 90 days was just 81 euros. So it finds
a multiple success brake and billing barrier instead: 1. about the
foreign codes and between the GEMA rating, the pure streaming
Numbers rated by Tik Tok as less important and therefore much less
pay out money at all. In addition, there was the problem that my
Pseudonyms kaiser-musix and kaiser-klassix at GEMA so far for all
my manually registered works were always deleted,
since these are assigned via the record label, and so I got hold of
above all from GEMA, the maximum distribution for a composer's share
for my real name Ralf Christoph Kaiser and only
for very few of the songs.

The maximum billing so far at GEMA was for one quarter
for me about 30 euros. I have already complained to them and
will also argue with a lawyer about the permanently stolen
Funds that never got to me.

I founded this online store here in 2019 to showcase my works
to be able to publish myself, but I have to refer to the designation as
artist Kaiser Musix and may use the kaiser musix logo here
don't use it because it belongs to the record company. at mine
Real names are different, they belong to me and that's why
May I also report here as Ralf Christoph Kaiser and below
publish, but I have to use a different logo than the one at
Feiyr because the figurative mark is protected there.

So the song Drop the Line is here in one because of that
to have a completely different version than at Feiyr or publicly at spotify
and iTunes and Amazon etc because I have a different version of the work
used version 3 and a different sampling rate
use in the material published here.

In addition, the song is remastered, so again today by
been processed with the better knowledge currently available to me
than in 2016.

Actually, I want to avoid having to take it again
Down from the more than 300 songs comes the one from the publishing house Feiyr (Dance all
Day gmbH) are only published because different codes are used there
were given to me by their publisher.

So I ask for a reasonable better participation in all
Earnings via these codes provided to me from there

Also, I'm releasing newly modified other versions of the music
from there here in the store at under mine
real names as new other remastered and remixed versions of
my artworks.

Somehow it will probably be in 2022 with such a large fan base
be possible, even under the circumstances with the
ubiquitous fraud in music Brange, I still have enough income
about my music also physically, so I mean
I can pay my rent and my insurance and my living expenses.

In any case, that would be my big request, and without another takedown and stress with GEMA, etc.

Now back to the fan complete package of version 3 of "Drop the
Line". Here you get the complete midi data and all resampled
individual audio tracks and the original sheet music of the song as a full
Orchestra Full Score big PDF. Also included is the cover and a
mp3 of the song in version 3.

You will enjoy it.

Thank you for your support.


Kind regards

Ralph Christopher Kaiser


 PS: You can also get the complete package here as free sharing
Folder, but I beg you if you make money with this material
earns me 6% of the earnings over all and fair
also makes a purchase Download still on this product. Also please
always my name Ralf Christoph Kaiser as physical composer and
name studio technicians in connection with this work.

Here is the sharing link



Oh, one more thing about my current findings: it is at Gema
important to always name all the trades that belong to a song,
so lyricist and composer and musician and producer etc. Mir is
that wasn't clear at first, but if you do everything yourself
have done, then please enter several times for all trades,
because each trade is calculated separately.

In addition, if you have already published on Soundcloud,
then it seems that you can only save money there
America, because according to rumors it has now joined Warner Brothers
heard. It is said to be adjustable via a BO box, if you can
wants to earn money there from Germany, but I know that
not over yet.

Regarding GEMA, it seems that this is already a lot
forward-looking has positioned itself and also a lot of musicians and
Composers friendlier appearance, but if you also separate your music
want to make available via your own store, then this counts as a levy
of works for promotional purposes to the fan base. Such websites too
Self-promotional purposes can be registered with GEMA. the
Downloads are also possible as free sharing and as far as I know up to
1200 per year free, then up to 15 000 per year per website per artist
if it costs 20 euros per year, it will scale upwards. Let's see
what will become of it.

In any case, I hope that the alternative distribution channel for music
via the internet in Germany and Europe also on this way like me
that would like to operate here will become legally possible in the future.

I'm counting on you!




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now online the notes to the CD Konstanzer Klassik by Ralf Christoph Kaiser

Collection of Konstanz classical sheet music and HD sound including mp3s and covers by Ralf Christoph Kaiser May 2022

€33,33 translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price €600,00
including HD Sound High Resolution Audio Loosless Wav Forman 24 bit 96 Khz and mp3s for mobile phones

Dear friends of the music of Ralf Christoph Kaiser, today you get
the sheet music and the HD Sound Files with 24 bit 96 Khz High Resolution Audio
lossless wav format including the mp3s for the mobile phone and the cover of the CD.

The following works are included:

1. The Surprise Egg

2. The sweet wine I am yours

3. The waltz continues, I'm cheerful about it

4. The view of the mountains

5. The Freestyle Mon Sir please

6. With a little joke and organic soap, Conny has the bow again

7. new wine

8. Gently, gently, I laughed

9th spectacle

10. Joy of Christmas

11. When we waltz again


As you can already see from the titles, the waltz often plays along
purely in these works in combination with 4/4 time in alternation. At the
When I was composing, I sometimes didn't agree on which bar to play
because I notated the pieces improvisationally via channeling
during the live recording. That's why I use the 3/4 time waltz
also included in the 4/4 bar notation, although I changed later
have the 12/8 bar (for example in Die Kür Mon Sir please) there
this both the 4/4 time, as well as the 3/4 time better in combination
can represent.

All the classical works here can also be played in a small
cast are reflected. There are almost always the voices: viola,
Bass, Flute, Oboe, Brass/Trombone/Trumpet and
Timpani/percussion/drum kit. The piece of spectacle is a bit out of the ordinary
frame by a special occupation. Playing here as a trio, so to speak:
cellos, horns and trombones.

In many pieces, for example, the bass plays with 3 voices
Violoncello. The other instruments also have notated chords
with 3 parts, so that either double stops in the strings or
Arpetien are played or actually each per instrument 3
Musicians each one voice plays out the chords.

In the piece "The waltz goes on, I'm cheerful about it".
it for the full sound: 3 cellis, 3 violas, 3 flutes, 3 oboes, 3
Trombones and a drum kit

However, since some voices are duplicated and only transcribed
can also be played as a variant: 1 cello with double stops and 2
Violas, 3 flutes, 1 trombone and 2 oboes plus drum kit.

The percussion voice is always included as a drum kit Krid
ideally you would need a double bass drum with two feet
can be served and a deep lecture or maybe two
differently tuned deep lectures next to each other, the snare and
two cymbals, two ride cymbals of different pitches and a crash
the hi hat and two toms. I think that would be enough for all drum kits
to be able to play voices. I always have the drum kit voice at 4
Fingers recorded, so that with clever division with two feet and
and can be played two hands. The two bass drums with
the two feet could be operated thus replacing the two drums and
the two deep floor toms the slightly higher two different toms
tones. Sometimes the snare is used as a final accent or as a
drum roll. When it comes to cymbals, I often play two different ones
tones. This could either be done with two hands and two ride cymbals
or through the hi hat and a ride cymbal.

If the drum kit is too stressful or unfamiliar in this way
A very simple drum kit could also be used without double bass
and double stand tom and just another percussionist playing
with two drums.

All pieces with full score are included in the download package
Lead sheet and parts for all instruments, plus there is the high
Resolution Audio Wav File 24 bit 96 Khz and one mp3 each for the mobile phone.
On top the cover. with the title graphic looking into the
Swiss Alps above Lake Constance.

If you are still missing voices, please ask me, I can easily deliver them to you.

If you only want to listen to the music in HD sound and as mp3 and the
If you want to use sheet music for your own use, you are well served here with 33 euros
for the whole package. Orchestra or professional musicians the performances
do in public, please like the full license of 600 euros
acquire, so to speak, as performance rights with unlimited numbers
performances and subsequently transfer this amount to: paypal me:
emperor music

I thank you for your support.

Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser


PS: Attention: the download package has a total size of 1.1 GB

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sensational brass notes

The Treasure of the Dwarfs Prehistory Notes Door No. 18-26 Full Score Leadsheet and Parts for Brass Orchestra and Small Chamber Orchestra including mp3s

€7,77 translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price €300,00
Holiday music in the run-up to Christmas

Dear friends of the music of
Ralf Christoph Kaiser, today on the 3rd Advent 2021 I will publish the
Notes with full score lead sheet and parts from the treasure of the dwarves
Prehistory of door no. 18-26 as PDFs including mp3s of the recordings.

The notes offer a program of approx. 25-30 minutes and contain the following voices for the following instruments:

Flute, horn in F and horn in Eb, bass
Trombone, trumpet in A and trumpet in B, strings with violins and violas
and cellos. Drum kit percussion and Timpani / Celeste sheet music.

If your with a
Brass band performs, then the Woodwinds take over the strings
Parts. The Timpani notes can also be played from a Celeste.
If you perform with timpani, it is best to have two timpani with each
two timpani and or a drummer with a normal drum kit but with 3
Insert basin.

In addition to the sheet music, you will also receive the mp3s of the original recordings from 2021.

Here you can download the advent calendar "Listen to the treasure of the dwarfs prehistory "also on the Internet with the spoken text and the music:

It's very festive music at the
the horns and brass instruments come into their own. There are a few
Pieces in it that can also be performed in a very reduced way
less musicians.

Have a further blessed Advent season to all of you.


Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser


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festive brass music and small chamber orchestra classical music

The treasure of the dwarfs Prehistory Advent calendar sheet music for brass bands and small chamber orchestras approx. 45 minutes program door 0-15

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Sensationally beautiful chorales and brass instruments

Dear friends of Ralf Christoph Kaiser's music, today
I publish the sheet music for the doors 0-15 of the treasure of the dwarves
Prehistory advent calendar audiobook. You will get grades of 16
Pieces each between 2 and 3 minutes long suitable for
Brass Band or Small Chamber Orchestra.
The following
Sheet music is included: strings with violins and viola and cello and
double bass. Then the horns in F and the horns in Eb and the timpani
and percussion drum kit sheet music.
Timpani notes can also be played by a celeste. Additionally
I would recommend hiring 2 timpani, each with 2 timpani and
a drummer playing a 3-cymbal drum kit.

If the strings notes are represented as piano keyboard at
my sheet music, then the cellos play in the bass and the violins above.

If you want to perform the music with brass band, then the string parts become the woodwinds.
The entire program takes about 40-45 minutes.
In addition to the sheet music, you will also receive an mp3 with the orchestra recording for your mobile phone.

Here you can also listen to the musical advent calendar with music and story directly on the Internet:

The Treasure of the Dwarves Prehistory Advent Calendar

I hope you enjoy these notes and this music.
Doors 16-26 will follow later.
Beautiful Advent
Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser

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heaing Health Mandala in A3 size on a silver background

Healing Health Mandala painting in the original - watercolor and acrylic on cardboard in A3 size, hand-signed, unique piece in excellent condition directly from the artist

€10.000,00 translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price €4.000.000,00
Unique original directly from the artist from the studio, hand-signed

This work of art Healing Health Mandala has a calming and healing effect, it activates the healing heart chakra energy and gently stimulates the Hara, embedded in the cosmic spiritual all-one vibration within a hexal calculation system.
The work is well composed and proportioned. Made with a mixed technique, pencil drawing, watercolor technique and acrylic background applied to cardboard.
It is hand signed by the artist and in excellent condition.

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The new classic album:"Die token im Pfuhl"by Ralf Christoph Kaiser

new classic album:"Die Unke im Pfuhl"by Ralf Christoph Kaiser with 16 orchestral works and 26 different recordings in high resolution audio including full score and parts including original visuals Musik und Noten

€700,00 translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price €900,00
with high resolution audio and full score and parts and original visuals by Ralf Christoph Kaiser

Dear friends of the music of Ralf Christoph Kaiser, Here you get the latest classical album: "Die Unke im Pfuhl" with 16 orchestral works and 26 different recordings with different line-ups in high resolution audio. The download package includes all notes, i.e. full score and parts. Including visuals with photo and video material including mp3 version of all songs for your mobile phone.

I thank you for your support!

Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser

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The treasure of the dwarfs a musical advent calendar

Treasure of the Dwarves Auditory Advent Calendar Package 1 All mp3's with speech

€4,99 translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price €26,99
wonderful story for the Advent season, fantasy like and magical with beautiful classical music

This year there is again the magical musical advent calendar: "The Treasure of the Dwarfs"

You can expect a fabulous journey of the 4 chosen dwarves through the kingdom of the elves.

This story is over 2 hours long in total with many beautiful classical orchestral works in it. Everything is divided into a total of 26 little doors plus an intro. Approx. 4-6 minutes per door. An ideal story for the whole family in the Advent season.

The following download packages are available

Package 1: all mp3's with language for 4.99 euros:

Package 3: all 2019 versions only music in Ultra HD for 32.88 euros

This pack 3 includes all the new versions of the music with only the music in HD quality Also includes the cover art and the illustration of the 4 dwarfs.

Attention: This package 3 has over 2.4 GB file size in the download! quality

Package 4: Full Score and Parts and HD Sound for EUR 36.33 instead of EUR 600.87

This package 4 is, so to speak, the orchestra master complete package. Here are all sheet music in it and also the HD version of the advent calendar with only music from the new 2019 versions and the mp3 version of everything with speech. Also included is the cover and the illustration of the 4 dwarfs.

Attention: This package 4 has over 4.3 GB file size in the download! the-2019-versions-and-everything-as-mp3-with-speech-and-music-only

Package 5: all 2019 versions only music as mp3 for 16.33 euros

This pack 5 contains all new versions of the music with only the music as mp3 for mobile use. Also included is the cover and the illustration of the 4 dwarfs.

I recommend the 4 Full Score and Parts package to large orchestras who want to perform this work, because everything is included in one complete package.

With all packages there is always the cover photo and the picture showing the 4 chosen dwarves on their journey. This illustration was made by Andreas Back.

I am very pleased to present you this work in the revised version.

Have fun with the advent calendar!


Ralf Christoph Kaiser and team

PS: If you would like to use this advent calendar digitally online on our website instead of buying it here, you will find everything for free on this page, which you can only listen to online:

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Free The Butterfly in High Resolution Sound nearly HD Sound

New Electronica EP by Ralf Christoph Kaiser in High Resolution Quality nearly HD Sound zip Download

get it now



Now new unique original works of art directly from the artist in the studio, hand-signed

This work of art Healing Health Mandala has a calming and healing effect, it activates the healing heart chakra energy and stimulates the Hara very gently, embedded in the cosmic spiritual all-one vibration within a hexal calculation system.The work is...

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New orchestra work:It's a new sensation with your vibration by ralf christoph kaiser full score and parts and high resolution audio

Dear friends of, today I'm releasing a new piece here in the store with sheet music and HD sound and mp3 version. The piece is called: It's a new sensation with your vibration. It sounds solemn and festive and...

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Finally new sheet music for small ensembles with the trio of flute, upright bass and trumpet, including an HD sound wav file

Dear friends of and the art and music of Ralf Christoph Kaiser, Tonight there are finally the sheet music for the new piece: New Tone Jazz Trio in E-Minor for Upright Bass, Flute and Trumpet in 146 bpm. With...

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