new classic album:"Die Unke im Pfuhl"by Ralf Christoph Kaiser with 16 works with 26 different recordings in high resolution audio with full score and parts and including original visuals

By Ralf Kaiser

neues Klassik Album: "Die Unke im Pfuhl" by Ralf Christoph Kaiser mit 16 Werken mit 26 unterschiedlichen Aufnahmen in High Resolution Audio mit Full Score and Parts und inklusive original Visuals

Dear friends of the music and art of Ralf Christoph Kaiser, today I would like to introduce you to the new classic album: Die Toke im Pfuhl. This long-awaited new classical CD contains 16 orchestral works in 26 different versions for large symphony orchestras, but also for small ensembles. There are several hits among them and you get them as High Resolution Audio in the highest resolution that is currently possible for me 32 bit 192 kHz. In addition to the music, you get all the notes, i.e. full score and parts for all pieces, and the special thing about this CD is that there is also an original visual from me for every work. With exclusive photo material and partly also with video material, which you can fade in during the performances of the pieces on a screen with a video projector during the concert. This makes the musical experience even more impressive because it is supported visually. What has worked well in rock and pop music for a long time can also be used in classical music. The photos are all included in their original resolution, so you can use them on a large screen.t.
Because of the videos and photos, the entire download package has become significantly larger. You will get about 15 GB of data here, so please load uni with enough storage space on a computer with a fast internet connection. This version is unsuitable for mobile phones.There is an alternative version for your mobile phone with only mp3 files. You get this for free.
The high resolution audio version with visuals and full score and parts is priced at 700 euros. It contains 16 compositions so that a work with all the bells and whistles including performance rights is around 43.75 euros per orchestral work. I think that's a fair offer. If smaller orchestras only want to play individual pieces, you can also send me an email and I will only send you the individual pieces you want.
In any case, I would be very happy if there would be several physical performances of these works.
Here I write something about the individual pieces that are included:

01: 2 Cellos Symfonic
02: Best Modus Ever
03: Camembert with cranberry jam
04: The knight Kubiert is back
05: The toad in the pool
06: The water striders have fun
07: Thunderstorm love at night, I'm awake for it
08: I live thank god
09: I love you
10: It's always nice and warm in the threshing floor, you are my crush
11: But now
12: O beautiful home
13: Summer thunderstorm
14: If I had known, it's all sausage again
15: How I would love to hug you
16: Two steps back one forward

Click here to download!

I thank you for your support!


Kind regards

Ralf Christoph Kaiser

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Best of Limoband 2018 - 2020 in Full HD 14 songs with over 2 hours of music and 11 GB download including mp3 versions of all songs and exclusive band photos

By Ralf Kaiser

Best of Limoband 2018 - 2020 in Full HD 14 Songs mit über 2 Stunden Musik und 11 GB Download inklusive mp3 Versionen aller Songs und exclusive Bandfotos

Dear friends of Limoband, we are celebrating the summer with a Best of 2018 - 2020. 13 songs with over 2 hours of music in Full HD 24 bit 192 Khz. Attention over 11 GB in the download! For each song there is an mp3 version and several exclusive band photos from us from the rehearsal room.
The following songs are included:
180810_0039_I_could belief myself_ mastered
180810_0041_I_will_me_ mastered
180924_0047_Power_to_me_ mastered
181126_0061_The_Sun_is_shining hot_for_us_gemastert_2_24_bit_192
181126_0063_der_Weckmann is already awakened_24_bit_192_mastered
181126_0065_The honey pot mastered 2 24_bit_192
190828_0125_Limoband mastered out of hell 24 bit 192
190828_0127 Limoband Cadette cousette and i take control 24 bit 192
200102_0189 You can't Fight Urgk alone by Limoband mastered final 3 24 bit 192
200528_0362 Limoband getting in the mood of beeing hip mastered 24 bit 192 final
200528_0363 Schmakofatz I love us mastered by Limoband 24 bit 192
200806_0369 Introducing Limoband mastered live in concert Harald, Arndt and Ralf 24 bit 192
200806_0372 great Dunken by Limoband mastered 24 bit 192 Harald, Arndt, Ralf

Four songs are with violin, bass and drums. Everyone else is with electric guitar, bass and drums.
We have specially selected the songs that make the electric guitar sound the most powerful.
I think we have with this Full HD sound on the electric guitar at Limoband a unique, very powerful and crunchy sound that is groundbreaking worldwide in this convincing power. In combination with the powerful deep bass, the electric guitar sounds like a wide board. The drum delivers the soulful beat with many facets and summarizes everything in a harmonious unit. The Limoband sound is unique with both a violin and an electric guitar and can be recognized at any time. Here at the Best of like uhrgesteine we play impetuously, real, handmade and improvised live songs played off the cuff.
Have fun with the music!
And thanks for your support!

We love you!

Your limos from Limoband


Download here & gt;;

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new electronica hit in extended version and high resolution:Running System and the music video:Der Weiher, I have big eggs again by Ralf Christoph Kaiser and Kaiser Musix now online in the store

By Ralf Kaiser

neuer electronica Hit in extendet Version und High Resolution: Running System und das Musik Video: Der Weiher, ich hab wieder dicke Eier by Ralf Christoph Kaiser und Kaiser Musix jetzt online im Store

Dear friends of music and art by Ralf Christoph Kaiser and Kaiser Musix Today in tomorrow after tomorrow you get this brilliant timeless video with the little diver in the pond. The work is called: Der Weiher, I have big eggs again and the song accompanying it Running System in 24 bit 176.4 kHz. This video is extended version and over 19 minutes long. Several synths and drum machines play together with a trombone. Overall, the beat is quite techno funky and beams in the bass. The trombone adds a melody and plays its part in a contrasting and melodic way. In the video you can see a lake rosé at the pond and a diver who dives down once and fetches something to eat from the bottom of the pond. The scene is quite fantasy-like in terms of the light and the backdrop and the time loop effect is also quite exciting to the driving beats. It's relaxing to watch and every now and then the song animates you to dance and you want to flop around and move to the rhythm of the drums. I also wrote a poem about the experience at the pond, which I now add to the best:

I'm at the pond lying in the water feels like being in a pondMoory with morass Lots of algae I hold on to a branchThe tree that lies here bitten off by beavers I'll never miss this area in my memory Elves who want to Be with me A couple of frogs And the local toad I dip my head under water for it A diver is part of the party It's calm and beauty here The wind whispers softly I dream in my own way Thank you for coming down here It's raining bits of bark and over The lake is shining sun A hornet flies by How I came here does not matter the main thing I am free and with my billions Safe care under the tree Best friendship as with Kai Pflaume My love in the natural kingdom in a tender elven hem

Here at you can get the high resolution wav file from Running System in two versions of the piece in high resolution. Once the extended version with over 19 minutes length with trombone as in the video and once the extended version in high resolution without trombone only with solo electronic beats and sequencers and noises.

The sound experience is multidimensional and very spatial. I tried several tools while recording from Native Instruments via Kontakt Player in Logic Pro X on the iMac and I think it rocks properly if you get one of these If you want to buy photos on aluminum dibond or canvas, go to the store here: You can support me in my work as a photographer and artist.

In this fan package, in addition to the 2x 19 minutes of music, you also get the music video with the Taucherle in 720 pixels suitable for the mobile phone and two high-resolution original photos of the scene.

Click here to download:

I wish you a lot of fun with the piece!

Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser

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now the breathtaking prelude:"2 Cellos Symfonic"in C major by Ralf Christoph Kaiser as a fan package with full score and parts and 3 versions as an HD sound wav file including the original photo of the cover

By Ralf Kaiser

jetzt neu das atemberaubende Prelludium: "2 Cellos Symfonic" in C-Dur by Ralf Christoph Kaiser als Fan Paket mit Full Score and Parts und 3 Versionen als HD Sound wav File inklusive orginal Foto des Covers

Dear friends of music and art from Ralf Christoph Kaiser, there is now the new piece 2 Cellos Symfonic in C major, which sounds like a fantastic prelude.

There are 2 cellos, a double bass, violins and violas, a tuba, two trombones, a horn in F, two flutes and percussion.

It is like a sparkling firework of light that is reflected on the lake.

The cover captures the scene well. The bright shining moon is reflected in the lake, dark shadows of the night everywhere, a few stars and last bathers of the day on the shore ...

You get here in the fan package the complete notes and parts for all instruments and also the HD Sound Wav file.

This work is available in 3 versions:

1. as a duet with only two cellos

2. as 2 x 2 cellos in the form of a quartet

3. 2 cellos symfonic with orchestra


In this fan package you get all 3 versions including HD sound, mp3 and sheet music.

You will also receive the original cover photography in high resolution.


I am very happy to show you my love for the cellos with this work.

I think classic fans really get a taste of it here.

Download & gt;;


Thanks for your support!

Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser



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now the majestic classic pomp hit:"Summer thunderstorm"in C major by Ralf Christoph Kaiser - fan package with full score and parts and high resolution wav files including mp3 versions and original thunderstorm photos

By Ralf Kaiser

jetzt neu der majestätische klassik pomp Hit: "Sommergewitter" in C-Dur by Ralf Christoph Kaiser - Fan Paket mit Full Score and Parts und High Resolution Wav Files inklusive mp3 Versionen und original Gewitter Fotos

Hello dear friends of music and art by Ralf Christoph Kaiser, today the new orchestral piece has been finished: Summer storm in C major. You can hear the lightning and thunder implemented musically. In this music I recreated the intense experience of thunderstorms on the balcony yesterday and implemented it musically. For a large part, the work sounds like a chorale, which is however often broken up and leads to the highlights in the piece when it flashes and thunders. You see the lightning and you hear the thunder There are two versions of the work: Summer thunderstorm: Version 1 for small cast and Version 2 for medium cast. With version 2 I have octaveed some voices into the bass and the highs. So everything sounds even wider. In version 2 the piece sounds much more powerful and powerful and corresponds even more to the force and power of a thunderstorm. I'm curious which version you like

You get Full Score and Parts from Version 1 and Version 2 and the High Resolution Wav Files from both versions in addition to the MP3 package. The four original thunderstorm photographs by Ralf Christoph Kaiser are also included.

Download & gt;;

I hope you enjoy the work and thank you for your support!
Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser

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new modern classic hit:"To be welcome in your circles feels like at home"by Ralf Christoph Kaiser in A minor fan package with full score and parts and high resolution wav files including original cover photo and mp3

By Ralf Kaiser

neuer moderne Klassik Hit: "In eurem Kreise willkommen sein, fühlt sich an wie daheim" by Ralf Christoph Kaiser in A-Moll Fan Paket mit Full Score and Parts und High Resolution wav Files inklusive original Cover Foto und mp3

Dear friends of music and art from Ralf Christoph Kaiser and, today there is the first piece from August 1, 2020: Being welcome in your circle feels like at home in A minor..

You get version 1 in a small line-up and version 2 in a large line-up as free mp3.

I heard a fugue by Bach on YouTube today and then this piece came to my mind. However, it breaks out of the Renaissance scheme several times in between and creates the leap into modernity. In version 2 with full symphony orchestra, the piece becomes even more powerful and pompous by octaving the cellos into the double bass. Overall, however, the piece also becomes significantly more modern because the brass and especially the Woodwinds contribute interesting sounds that make the whole piece penetrating. It is like a knightly horseman corps that rides in formation over the open fields and meadows, accompanied by falcons, wind and weather. The title of the piece is based on the memory of a very nice moment of yesterday. I went for a walk on the Rhine and then had an ice cream. At the ice cream parlor there were two French friends who were friends who were having ice cream there too. It felt like "welcome." The four had a lively conversation while I just missed it and drank my milkshake with ice. I had a scoop of sea buckthorn ice cream and a scoop of wild berries or something. The drink was ice cold and delicious. While walking we greeted each other with a short: "Au revoir!" And "Tschau", then the scene was over again. On the way home, however, I reminisced about France in my youth and drank the rest of the ice-milk shake with relish. In the cover you will find a few beautiful calyxes that remind me of Renaissance and Roccoco Zirade in the clothes. I like this chic. Now I wish you much joy with the work! Thanks for your support! Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser

PS: At you also get a fan package with the two versions of the piece as Ultra HD Sound Wav Files and additionally all the notes for the following instruments: Bassoon 1, bassoon 2, Celeste, clarinet in Bb 1, clarinet in Bb 2, Flute 1, Harp, Horn in Eb, Double Bass, Double Bass Tuba, Oboe 1, Oboe 2, Percussion Drum Kit, Piccolo, Solo Horn in F, Spransaxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Timpani, Trombone, Trumpet in A, Trumpet in Bb, Viola, Violin, Violoncello, Full Score eadhseet for Balsmusik-Ocrhester, Full Score Leadhseet with everything, Full Score score for small instrumentation with focus on percussion, Full Score score for medium instrumentation with strings, score only strings, score only Woodwinds, and score Percussion and Celeste. ..

Click here to download...

Love YouRalf

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"Best Modus Ever"new classic hit by Ralf Christoph Kaiser in C major fan package with full score and parts and high resolution wav files

By Ralf Kaiser

"Best Modus Ever" neuer Klassik Hit by Ralf Christoph Kaiser in C-Dur Fan Paket mit Full Score and Parts und High Resolution wav Files

Hello dear ones, this is the new piece from me. Short but powerful. Like a triumphant short march with timpani and trumpets. The piece is called Best Modus Ever in C major. It sounds like a short and boldly thrown musical sketch in the greatest possible happiness on earth. Like when you suddenly get an admission ticket to the Garden of Eden and vampire yourself in an orgasmic love for life, for people and for nature. Like a summer fairy tale in the glowing, sweltering heat where you want to tear off your clothes and jump into the cool water, then a latte macchiato and ice cream. Nice conversations and fleeting contacts in true love with deep impact and tender greetings. Ceremonial honor and lively lemonade. Traffic in the request very much and thank you, I reconcile with the world. Moaning mermaids, smirking heralds, generous gods and the happiness of little people with the best care - that's Best Mode EverMan can trust himself again and look out of his eyes with confidence. Seeing hope and reaping happiness is now the motto Thank you world, that's how I ordered it today. Greetings Ralfe

PS: You get 3 versions of the piece in this fan package. Version 1 in a small line-up impresses with its clear melody line that can be clearly heard. Version 2 is the variant with medium cast so all voices are doubled. Version 2 for the final score is version 3, in which the entire large symphony orchestra plays. Including harp and glockenspiel. You get all 3 versions in high resolution wav file and as mp3 version. You will also receive all the notes for the piece for full symphony orchestra.
The following parts are included:
Basses, Bassoon 1, bassoon 2, Celeste, Celli, Clarinet in Bb, Flute 1, Harp, Horn in Eb, Double Bass Tuba, Oboe, Percussion Drum Kit, Piccolo, Solo Horn in F, Soprano Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Tenor Trombone, Timpani, Trumpet in A, Trumpet in Bb, tuba, viola and violin. Plus all full score lead sheets.
You can also only play and perform the piece with a brass band orchestra.
Or in a very small line-up with only: flute, tenor trombone, violin and drum kit.
The imagination knows no limits.
I hope you enjoy the piece!
Thanks for your support!
Ralf Christoph Kaiser


Download it here.

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new orchestral hit:"Jetzt aber"by Ralf Christoph Kaiser in D minor Complete package for fans in Ultra HD Sound and Full Score and Parts

By Ralf Kaiser

neuer Orchester Hit: "Jetzt aber" by Ralf Christoph Kaiser in D-Moll Komplett Paket für Fans in Ultra HD Sound und Full Score and Parts

Hello everyone, this is my newest orchestral work: Now in D minor by Ralf Christoph Kaiser. This piece could be played at the 100th anniversary of the EU; It is a very glorious festive piece which is available in 3 different versions. Version 1 is with the small original line-up with violin, tenor trombone, flute and percussion. Version 2.2 is implemented with a large symphony orchestra with over 40 musicians and sounds very modern in this version. Then there is version 3 with a small cast but all voices are doubled. So violins and cellos and tenor trombone and tuba and flute and piccolo. I'm curious which of the three versions you like

You get full score and parts for the following instruments: Piccolo, Flute 1, Flute 2, Oboe 1, Oboe 2, Clarinet in Bb 1, Clarinet in Bb 2, Bassoon 1, Bassoon 2, Hort in Eb, Horn in F, Tenor Trombone, Trumpet in Bb, Tuba, Percussion, Timpani, Drumset, Celeste, Violin, Viola, Celli and Double Bass.
In addition, several lead sheets in different combinations and versions.
You also get version 1, 2 and 3 as a High Resolution Wav File in Ulta HD quality 32 bit 192 Khz.

Click here to download
There is also an mp3 version of each version for the mobile phone.
Thank you for your support!

Kind regards, Ralf Christoph Kaiser

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