Finally new sheet music for small ensembles with the trio of flute, upright bass and trumpet, including an HD sound wav file

By Ralf Christoph Kaiser

endlich neue Noten auch für kleine Besetzung mit dem Trio Querflöte, Upright Bass und Trompete inklusive HD Sound wav File

Dear friends of and the art and music of Ralf Christoph Kaiser, Tonight there are finally the sheet music for the new piece: New Tone Jazz Trio in E-Minor for Upright Bass, Flute and Trumpet in 146 bpm. With this work I dared a new type of composition that breaks the boundaries and listening habits. All schemes and musical rules are used very artistically and at the same time overcome. The upright bass plays a humorous number that is a little bit funny. The trumpet provides a few special melodies and musical themes in ever new facets and the flute takes on the contra part in the clear height. A bit playful, sometimes like a subtle echo. For the most part, however, the flute plays very understandingly and still determines its own style..
The three voices in this New Tone Jazz Trio by Ralf Christoph Kaiser are talking and seem to coordinate. Sometimes they go into each other and accompany each other, sometimes they set accents for each other, but despite the unusual harmonies, all instruments seem to speak a language that is constructive in terms of argumentation.hen.
All in all there are several runs, with moves that are already known from my earlier compositions, but this time in such a way that the boundaries are overcome, as if from realism to surrealism.

Accordingly, the cover also fits very well. It shows three beauties with their surfboards who want to jump into the waves, but instead of the ocean in front of you, you see a sea of clouds and stand on a high plateau above a city with a view of the night sky which is illuminated by the full moon . Like an unconscious dream scene that evokes a fantasy, nature and sports film in the viewer. Large and dominant in the picture is also a large adult whale, which instead of swimming in the deep sea hovers above the clouds in the sky and attracts everyone's attention. The stars twinkle and wander through the picture like glitter and fireworks. Everything together looks mysterious and shrouded in legend with a lot of implied sex appeal and arouses great anticipation for upcoming adventures.r.
The cover photo was designed by Williyam on Adobe Stock and exactly matches the mood and the idea of the jazzy piece of music.
Whoever sees the cover wants to listen to the music immediately and whoever has heard the music wants to understand immediately what it means, because one thing is for sure, the trio is extraordinary and special. Now you can get the sheet music here in the store with full score leadsheet and parts and the HD sound version of the piece in loosless wav format and also the mp3 for the mobile phone.
I wish you a lot of fun with it

Download and buy here:

Best regards
Ralf Kaiser

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Now the new brass ensemble hit Stürmische See by Ralf Christoph Kaiser

By Ralf Christoph Kaiser

Jetzt neu der Brass Ensemble Hit Stürmische See by Ralf Christoph Kaiser

Dear friends of the music and art of Ralf Christoph Kaiser, in the last few weeks I have been working harder on various brass ensemble pieces, which I now want to publish here one by one. I start with this piece: "Stormy Seas" in C-Minor. It's a very intense piece that comes across as poignant and powerful. Everything is there, hope and love, tension and drama, adventure and lust. You get this piece here with full score and parts for brass music. The party can include: tuba, trumpet notated in C, trombone, horn in F, violoncello and violins and double bass. Since chords often appear in the notes, you can bring each instrument almost 3 times and everyone takes on a different voice. Overall, the piece can be performed well with around 7-10 musicians. With this piece you will cause great astonishment in the audience, because it has such force and depth that no one can escape it. If you then interpret the notes a little more freely from the playing style, i.e. with fringing like a little crescendo in some places and swell and so on, then it becomes particularly impressive.
I'm happy to present this piece to you today and thank you for your support!
If you still need something of other parts, please contact me.
Best regards
Ralf Christoph Kaiser

Download here:

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new audio drama:Elb Fairytale in the Wood by Ralf Christoph Kaiser in HD Surround Sound

By Ralf Kaiser

new Audiodrama: Elb Fairytale in the Wood by Ralf Christoph Kaiser in HD Surround Sound

Dear friends of the music and art of Ralf Christoph Kaiser, today I am releasing the new audio drama: "Elb Fairytale in the Wood" in the ingenious Surround Sound HD version here in the store.

Attention, the download is over 1 GB. The radio play lasts 11 minutes and offers listening fun in a class of its own.

You can crank up your home cinema system and immerse yourself in this fabulous fairy tale.

Whoever sees the audio drama as freemp3 for your mobile phone, you will find it on & gt;;

The radio play takes place in different locations. Sometimes in the forest, sometimes by the lake and sometimes in the mountains. There is no spoken text except for the singing of the mermaids and the knotty gnomes at the lake. The fairy tale works completely without spoken text. A fabulous world is created in the mind of the viewer through music and sound noises and everyone can think of their own feature film while listening and visualize it in their minds.
This production was created in cooperation with Ghosthack.
I would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone else who contributed to making this audio drama possible.
Also to be mentioned here are:
Title: Optimistic Corporate Inspiration 10 Minutes Publisher: four_track
Composer: Andre Albrecht
Title: Upbeat Uplifting Acoustic Indie Folk Composer: Yuarmusic
both pieces of music are licensed through

I myself played the flute in several places in the audio drama and set various sound noises to the film live. The talking gnomes at the lake are also mine. I formed sounds in a fantasy language and processed the whole thing with a few effects and filters so that it sounds so funny and fantasy-like.

Now I wish you a lot of fun with the radio play and thank you for your support!

Click here for the HD Surround Sound Download & gt;;

Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser

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Now the international spoken texts from the treasure of the dwarfs advent calendar as a free PDF download

By Ralf Kaiser

Jetzt neu die internationalen Sprechtexte vom Schatz der Zwerge Adventskalender als free PDF Download

International version of the spoken texts from the musical advent calendar The Treasure of the Dwarfs including illustrations and sketches as a free download

the fabulous fantasy story of the treasure of the dwarfs, finally also as a PDF with all the original spoken texts with new secret sketches from the author

Click here for the Donwload & gt;;

Dear friends of the music and art of Ralf Christoph Kaiser, Kaiser Musix and Company, today I would like to give you the digital spoken texts including illustrations and sketches from me of the treasure of the dwarfs advent calendar in the 6 languages English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian and German as offer free PDF download.

In the sketches and illustrations, I visualized thrown ideas that came to my mind while listening to the music from this work.

The PDF is free and comprises a total of 131 pages with a file size of 33.3 MB

I am happy if you like this fabulous fantasy total work of art. Perhaps there will also be the opportunity to film this material or perform it on a theater stage with eurythmy or dance performances to live orchestral music. That would be a dream of mine.r.

I am also linking you to the link to the mp3 download of the radio play with speaker and music:

and here you can find the free version of the advent calendar with real doors to open, programmed by Klas Rühling, also on its own website

The cover graphic you see here has been illustrated by Andreas Back. You can find this brilliant illustrator here:


I thank you for your support and wish us all a wonderful and fairytale Advent season.

Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser and Co

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Trombone choir with cello accompaniment 4 Pieces:You lay before me naked and sweet by Ralf Christoph Kaiser

By Ralf Kaiser

Posaunenchor mit Cello Begleitung 4 Pieces: You lay before me naked and sweet by Ralf Christoph Kaiser

Dear friends of the music and sheet music of Ralf Christoph Kaiser, today there is a new classical EP that I am releasing. This includes 4 short pieces that can be performed by 8 musicians. The pieces are written for violoncello and brass. Either 4 cellos and 4 brass instruments can play together, or 2 cellos with double fingerings and 4 brass instruments and woodwinds. For the brass section, I thought of a tuba in bass and 3 trombones in C treble clef. Like the violoncello part, Woodwinds' voice is transposed only 2 octaves higher. With the Woodwinds, four flutes can be used instead of the cellos or in addition to the cellos, depending on how many musicians are available. The simplest small solution is a 4-piece trombone choir and 2 or 4 cellos.

The total playing time of all 4 pieces together is approximately 13 minutes. The individual works are between 2 and 4 minutes long. The works can be played one after the other or as a relaxing break between various other performances as an introduction or prelude.

All in all, these pieces are melodiously calm and carried and give great harmonic joy. These pieces would also go well with an Advent celebration in the run-up to Christmas.

Here are the works in detail:

1. You lay before me naked and sweet in G-Major 89 bpm Playing time: 2:07 min
2. Like a Swan in E-Major 136 bpm Playing time: 3:56 min
3. Its written in the Stars in G-Major 136 bpm Playing time: 2:255
4. It will come easy honey in fis-minor 89 bpm Playing time: 4:05 min

I have written all of these works in the last 4 weeks and tried to put the greatest possible joy and dedication into the music.

In my childhood and youth I loved the trombone choirs that were once played at the Advent Bazaar celebrations in the large foyer of the Free Waldorf School in Überlingen Rengoldshausen.

This solemn sound with pomp and pomp and at the same time loud and with reverberation in this large room has always impressed me very much. A beauty that is clear and concise but at the same time airy and sublime.

I have processed these impressions from back then in these pieces of this classic EP: You lay before me naket and sweet.“.

It is up to you whether the adored object of this title-giving piece is a quiet, mist-shrouded lake, as seen on the cover, or a loved one.

For me this music embodies a little bit of adoration and devoted love with inner contemplation in the depths of one's own soul with a peaceful mood.

Especially now in the Corona time, it may be particularly important to create happy moments for yourself in order to escape the virus and the restrictions in everyday life that are currently associated with it.

With this download package you get the 4 songs in high resolution audio loosless wav format, each with a small version without Woodwinds and in a big version with Woodwinds. In addition, an mp3 of each recording for the mobile phone and the sheet music as a full score full orchestra lead sheet and all parts individually for: cello, trombone choir Brass and Woodwinds.s.

As a treat on top you get 4 very nice atmospheric November photos with autumn fog from me as visuals.

I hope I can make you happy with these works.

Click here to download.

Thanks for your support!

Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser


Here is a short poem dated 11/10/2020 that goes with the title photo on the cover:

The boat lies still at anchor
I am grateful for today
The mist lies low over the lake
I understand myself again in my deepest soul
The mood is calm and beautiful
I make up within myself
In the beyond my music sounds
The happy being here is indulged


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New brass orchestra piece online:"With a little love and fate we go through everything whats coming up"by Ralf Christoph Kaiser Full Score and Parts and High Resolution Audio including mp3

By Ralf Kaiser

Neues Brass Orchester Stück online: "With a little love and fate we go through everything whats coming up" by Ralf Christoph Kaiser Full Score and Parts and High Resolution Audio inklusive mp3

Dear friends of the music of Ralf Christoph Kaiser, today I would like to present you a brass music orchestra piece that has it all. It says: "With a little love and fate we go through everything whats coming up" / With a little love and skill we go with each other. The piece is written in D major and is played with 89 beats per second. Here you get the sheet music with full score and parts for the following instruments:

1st trumpet in Bb
2. Drum kit and percussion
3. Flute
4. Soprano Saxophone
5th tenor saxophone
6. Tenor trombones
7th trumpet in A
8. Tuba and C brass

In addition to version 2 for wind music, I am also giving you version 1 for symphony orchestra and a version for only 4 musicians. You can play together: cello, drum kit, flute and tenor trombone.
So here you get the sheet music for three different versions plus the high resolution audio file of version 1 with symphony orchestra and version 2 with wind music orchestra.

This work sounds worn and also a bit humorous. It oozes love and warmth of the heart. The brass music version builds a very nice sound that will be remembered for a long time and will live on within yourself.
The cover shows a night shot of Lake Constance. I sat there and had a burger.
I'm happy when the piece comes on stage.

Thanks for your support!
Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser

Click here to download

PS: Here are a few lyrics that were written on the same day as this orchestral piece. There is the mood of October 19, 2020 again:

I pay homage to your saving hand with great love and a lot of understanding We love each other in this country and have the billions from the state On vacation we go along the beach and renew our love ribbon We fill the measure almost to the edge

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two new classical works:"Your helping Hand"and"I pic up the Thread"now for free download suitable for chamber orchestras with 5-7 musicians

By Ralf Kaiser

zwei neue klassiche Werke: "Your helping Hand" and "I pic up the Thread" now for free Download geeignet für Kammerorchester mit 5-7 Musikern

Dear friends of music and sheet music by Ralf Christoph Kaiser and Kaiser Musix and Kaisermusixofficial, today I would like to give you a present. The two new classical orchestral works by me:
1. Your Helping Hand - Your saving hand in C-Major
2. I pic up the thread - I'll pick up the thread again in G-Major
You can now download it for free here in the music and sheet music store.
These two works were created on October 17, 2020 and October 18, 2020. They are played in a small cast with the following instruments:
1. Strings, Violin and Violoncello, 2. Brass Tenor Trombone, 3. Woodwinds Flute and 4. Percussion Drumkit.umkit).

"You Helping Hand" can be performed with 5-7 musicians and "I pic up the thread" can also be performed with 5-7 musicians, depending on whether the violoncello plays double stops or the voices are divided between individual musicians.
Here you can download the complete sheet music with full score and parts and a lead sheet with all voices on top of each other.
You also get the High Resolution Audio loosless wav file with 24 bit 96 KHz and an mp3 24 bit 48 KHz of both pieces.
I am happy when this work is performed, which is why I am offering the sheet music here for free this time.
In terms of emotion, both pieces are written in a rather cheerful and hopeful major. They brighten the mind and bring joy. It sounds something like spring and "like being freshly in love" in these two works.
With "Your Helping Hand" - "Your saving hand" there is a hopeful encounter with a loved one who then gives his hand on the astral level, whereby great happiness is experienced.
With "I pic up the thread" - "I'll pick up the thread again" the idea is to take up a beloved activity again, in my case composing classical music, whereby joy and happiness can be experienced.
I think everyone can find his own interpretation of this music that is valid for him. I recommend 86 bpm as the tempo for the performance, i.e. played more carried and walking so that the lustful twists and turns and melodies can be fully savored.
Thank you for your interest in this music!
Have fun with it!

Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser

Click here to download.


I pay homage to your saving hand
with great love and understanding
We love each other in this country
and have the billions from the state
On vacation we go along the beach
and renew our love bond
We fill the measure almost to the brim

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Ralf Christoph Kaiser and band present a new song:"Pathfinder"in High Resolution Audio

By Ralf Kaiser

Ralf Christoph Kaiser und Band legen einen neuen Song vor: "Pathfinder" in High Resolution Audio

Dear friends of the music of Ralf Christoph Kaiser, today I would like to introduce you to my band's new alternative rock song "Pathfinder". The song rocks with loud and shrill e-guitar sounds that groovy together with the bass. The song gives you strength and frees you from old frustration, like when you just go out into the countryside and go for a walk in the forest and find a new path for yourself on which you can happily continue. On the cover you can see one of those paths that I liked to walk, flooded with light and in a wintry mood, as if there was a peace of mind behind all things. This song frees you from everyday burdens and then brings you on this peaceful light-flooded path in the aftermath ...
Come along on the journey and be enchanted with this song in High Resolution Audio HD sound quality 24 bit 96 KHz.

I thank you for your support!

Best regards
Ralf Christoph Kaiser and band

Click here to download...

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