new classical orchestral work with full score and parts:The water runners have fun, love me tender I am your man in E flat major by Ralf Christoph Kaiser is now online

By Ralf Kaiser

neues klassisches Orchester Werk mit Full Score and Parts: Die Wsserläufer haben fun, love me tender ich bin dein Mann in Es-Dur von Ralf Christoph Kaiser ist jetzt online

Dear friends of music and art from Ralf Christoph Kaiser, today I would like to present you a new music video with a classical orchestral piece: "The water runners have fun, love me tender I am your man" in E flat major 86 beats per minute. In the nature video you can see several water runners speeding across the water and coordinating, nudging each other and then taking a distance. An eternal back and forth, close up and away again. At one point in the video you can see two water runners getting so close that they touch with one foot. It is a short, tender, quiet scene of love and care and then you flit on again. However, the female is jostled immediately afterwards and the male who whizzes away in another direction is pursued. This scene that was reproduced here by the water runners touched me very much. It's like looking in a mirror while filming. The nature and the insects in it reproduce much of what goes off in the aura even in the original as in a play, a love adventure with a chase and everything that goes with it. So now you know why I currently love being a nature filmmaker. It's like cinema every time ...
I hope you enjoy the video and the song and the sheet music for the piece of music.

You also get the high resolution wav file for the piece here.

Thanks for your support and good night!
Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser