Now for Big Symphony Orchestra:"O Holde Heimat"in G major by Ralf Christoph Kaiser in version 3 rearranged

By Ralf Kaiser

Jetzt für Big Symphony Orchestra: "O Holde Heimat" in G-Dur by Ralf Christoph Kaiser in Version 3 neu arrangiert

Dear friends of the music of Ralf Christoph Kaiser, today you get this new orchestral work: "O Holde Heimat" Version 3 in G major.

This version is arranged for Big Symphony Orchestra and offers over 20 individual parts and voices. It is a happy, solemn piece with beautiful melodies. You get the full score and parts with all the notes and a video 1080 pixel size and the 32 bit 192 Khz high resolution wav file of the orchestra recording in the best quality.

The following instruments are included:

1. Bassoon

2. Celeste

3. Clarinet in Bb 1

4. Clarinet in Bb 2

5. Flute 1

6. Flood 2

7. Horn in Eb

8. Horn in F

9. double bass 1-3

10th contrabassoon

11. Oboe 1

12. Oboe 2-5

13. Percussion drum kit

14. Piccolo

15. Timpani

16. Trombone 1

17. Trombone 2

Trumpet in Bb

19. Tuba 1-3

20. Violas 1-3

21. Violin 1-3

22. Violoncello 1-3

23. Full Score shown larger final

24. Full Score Leadsheet


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Thanks for your support!

Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser