The Bluete opens new EP from The lucky Ducks now in HD sound and with international lyrics and as mp3 and with cover

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Dear friends of Ralf Christoph Kaiser and The Lucky Ducks, today you get the latest EP with 6 songs from our concert on September 23rd, 2021.

This complete fan package contains all mp3s and the 6 songs in HD quality 24 bit 96 Khz high resolution audio wav file (attention download size approx 1.4 GB)

You will also receive the lyrics in an international version as PDFs and as an open file format and the cover.

This music gets you going and makes you fully awake again and physically alive as a person.

The sound is concise and powerful and will excite you if you allow it.

The style is a mix of alternative music and punk rock.

Comparisons with other bands could be: Green Day and Die Toten Hosen.

With this music we have a complete live experience for you so spontaneous and real and handmade it comes across. It sounds like you're there live at the concert. In addition, the electric guitar sound is unique. It's loud, crackling and crunchy, with a hint of metal and very haunting.

The dDrum plays skillfully and rhythmically interesting with a lot of power and pressure.

Some places in the songs are suitable for shouting along in the stadium. Thank you thank you thank you very much ;-)

The mix jumps and gets so close that everything starts to vibrate.

We recommend using this music every now and then as a "power up" and "getting free" moment.

You get a second version of the first song with a chorus effect over the guitar.

Here is the complete set and the lyrics:

1. Welcome back on stage

2. You are the beautiful goddess

3. The sea is churned

4. Your shell is beautiful

5. The flower opens

6. Iced coffee and Badita de Coco


Here are the lyrics to the songs:


You are the beautiful goddess by Ralf Christoph Kaiser 08.09.2021 for the lukcy Ducks

You are the beautiful goddess

Standing light up in front of me on the stairs

Walk slowly into the lake

I ask you for the te te a te

Give tinder and juchee

Together we have your Sufflee in the water

My member is standing

Your se ferie is alive

My macherrie trembles

Un tout petit peu

And ole ole


The sea is churned by Ralf Christoph Kaiser 09/10/2021 for the lucky Ducks

The sea is churned

The waves break on the bank

The spray splashes

The boat is anchored in the harbor

The tavern invites us

The food is fine

The wine tastes good

I lift my hat



Your shell is beautiful by Ralf Christoph Kaiser 09/10/2021 for the lucky Ducks

Your shell is beautiful

I like to delve into it

The seam of love is stretching

Around half the world

We hide in happiness

whisper to each other

The wind and the waves

The sun and your kiss

I knew it

You are already better aware

Thanks for just now

We greet each other in giving

And tender taking.



The flower opens by Ralf Christoph Kaiser 09/10/2021 for the Lucky Ducks

The flower opens

The cup is soft

The light shines in

I am yours

Like a bee

I look for the opening

Want the nectar and

Your scent

I knew I was the villain with you for that






Iced coffee and Badita de Coco, by Ralf Christoph Kaiser 08/27/2021 for the Lucky Ducks

Iced coffee and Badita de Coco

With a little banana and chocolate

You are sexy with your chest and your bottom

We order the better documentation

And complete the Sudoku

Then we end up in juhu

I'm watching you secretly

We love each other in no time

Just me and you

Thankfully we close the door at night

Schuhu and kucku

Close your eyes while kissing



Have fun with the songs and thank you for your support!


Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser and The Lucky Ducks Team!